Sacagawea Information

Sacagawea's Adventures

In 1803 Sacagawea joined Lewis and Clark on an expedition which took place in St. Louis, Missouri (St. Louis, Missouri was considered the Old West back then).  The reason for this journey was because they wanted to find a route to the Pacific Ocean.  Finding a route to the Pacific Ocean would hopefully give America claims on more land. On May 14,1804 the journeys ships started their route up the Missouri River.  On this journey, the Lewis and Clark expedition progressed very slowly.  The communication had an effect with the Native Americans.  On September 25, 1804, the journey ended up having  conflict with the Sioux Indians while Lewis, Clark, and Sacagawea were in South Dakota.  (After this conflict, there were no injuries)  Lewis and Clark noticed they had a longer route ahead of them than they had thought and had many more Indian Tribes to fight with before they could reach their destination.  On October 27, 1804, the expedition reached a village in North Dakota and went into unexplored land.  The expedition decided to set up camp for the winter in that village insted of traveling further because there was bad weather.  The camp area that they set up at was called Fort Mandan.  While the expedition was at rest, it recieved a few visitors including Toussaint Charboneau who was Sacagawea's husband.  When he came to the camp site, he offered his assistance to the journey.  Lewis and Clark accepted the offer on November 3rd.  When Sacahawea was only sixteen, she was severa months into pregnancy.  During winter, Sacagawea went through a very painful labor, and with a traditional medicine, a snakes rattle was used to lower her pain.  In February, on 1805, Sacagawea gave birth to a baby boy named Jean Baptiste. (His nick-name was "Pomp")  The name "Pomp" meant meant "first-born" in the language of Shoshoni.  In spring, 1805, the expedition continued up into the Missouri River.  When this happened, Pomp went with them and rode on Sacacagawea's back for thousands of miles.  The point of this whole adventure was to explore Louisiana and bring a report back to their hometown on it.  Their mission was to explore the Missouri River and find a water route to reach the California and the Pacific Ocean.  Lewis and Clark were the ones who leaded the expedition.  The goal to reach the Pacific Ocean eventually came true.