Sacagawea Information

Images and Reviews on Sacagawea's life

  • Early Life Review

    1. When was Sacagawea born?
    a. 1356-1357
    b. 1882-1883
    c. 1788-1789
    d. none of the above

    2. How did Sacagawea get Captured bye the Hisatsas?
    a. She tried to hide in a nearby stream
    b. she ran away
    c. she was taking a walk on a trail
    d. none of the above

    3. What was Sacagawa's son named?
    a. Olnie Leguie
    b. Jeane Baptiste
    c. Shon Geonas
    d. none of the above

  • Adventure Review

1.  Where did the expedition take place in 1803?
    a. Alabama
    b. Kentucky
    c. St. Louis Missouri
    d. none of the above

2.  Who did the journey end up having conflict with?
    a. the Sioux Indians
    b. the Hidatsas
    c. the Shoshoni
    d. none of the above

3.  What tradditional medicine was used to lower                Sacagawea's pain while giving labor? 
     a. soft blanket
     b. her doll she had as a kid
     c. a rattle snake
     d. none of the above