Sacagawea Information

Timeline Of Sacagawea's Life

1788-1790: Sacagawea was born

Sacagawea was captured by the Hidatsas

1804: Sacagawea joined Meriwether Lewis and William Clark to explore with them 

February 1805:
Sacagawea give birth to her son named Jean Baptiste Charbonneau (also known as "Pomp")

Spring 1805:
The Lewis & Clark expedition leaves its winter camp

May 14, 1805:
A storm makes all of Sacagawea's valuable belongings fall off board, but she takes action and saves them

June 3,1805:
The expedition reaches the Marias River

August 11,1805:
The expedition sights a Shoshone man for the first time

August 18,1805:
Sacagawea helps Lewis and Clark trade for Shoshone horses

September 1806:
Lewis and Clark and Sacagawea Expedition reaches St. Louis

December 20,1812:
Sacagawea dies